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16 April 2019New Chairman – Tuesday Probus
02 April 2019Member Ron Knight
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New Chairman – Tuesday Probus
Tuesday 16 April 2019

The time has come when we have to say thank you to Alistair for steering the ship throughout the past year.  In some ways it has been a difficult year but we have always had the overall comradery of our membership and some high quality speakers. 

Above all though we have to admire Alistairs absolute stoism and devotion to duty.  Not everyone knows that despite having had a stent fitted a few days earlier, he still arrived as usual to wield the “Gavel” at the very next meeting, completely and seemingly without any fuss or care.

We have to thank Alistair's wife Wendy too for supporting him throughout the year working on our behalf.

So from the membership Alistair - a huge thank you for taking us forward and I would like to present you with your Past Chairman tie and Lapel Badge, both of which you can wear with pride. 

Thank you.

New Chairman Report

Thank you for electing me as your Chairman for the forthcoming year. 

We have heard earlier in the meeting about the difficulties that are facing us.  This despite us being a most agreeable and amiable bunch of gentlemen.

As your retiring Treasurer I have had plenty of time to witness the financial restraints forced upon us by our falling Membership.  I believe it was David Maurice Jones who was the first to forsee this problem several years ago.  To date we have managed  to continue as far as possible doing the things that we like to do.  Notwithstanding this, I believe that now is the time to seriously consider our position.

In the time that I have had before taking up this new role I have decided that my priority must be that of overseeing the recruitment of new members.  I have read documents describing how we were first formed.  I have spoken to Past Chairmen about what we used to do and how we did it.  I have also been presented with a document detailing the Chairman's role.  I have tried to analyse the reasons behind former member's resignations or just not coming anymore.  We had 70 members 40 years ago with a waiting list and a register:  I believe it was three consequetive non appearances and there would be trouble!  Now we have only 31!  Our activities and the way we operate just has to be more appealing.

So this is my Plan:

  • We have not had an Outings or Events Secretary for some years so I have already arranged a programme of extra curricular activities that I hope will be of interest to everyone - but not necessarily all at the same time.  There will be opportunities for members to invite Guests to these events and our ladies are included too.  Above all, we shall need numbers to be able to fund some of the events adequately so I hope everyone will pitch in if they can.
  •  I hope to be able to cultivate some rapport with the Bury Free Press to include news about us as it happens and include future items too.  I will also provide contact details.  I know we have done this before but let us give it another shot.  Already this year we have featured David's police car and we have to congrat ulate Ron Knight for his charity work and meeting the Queen.
  •  It would be nice if we could all look out for each other.  If someone is in difficulty with health or transport problems I would like to know about it.
  •  I think it is important that we get our morning coffee rota, first proposed by Brian Thaxter fully operational so that we can all share this duty and which again will help everyone to circulate more.  This is particularly important when we have guests and newcomers
  •  I intend to make use of email to circulate news up front and to remind everyone of what is happening.  Please let me have your email address if you agree to this.  Those without email when necessary I will contact by phone.  I intend also to try to keep in touch with former members when this is appropriate and maybe they will reconsider their position.
  • I think it is important that we have a Web Site.  Unfortunately, to have one set up professionally and then maintained, costs money.  I am hopeful that the committee will be able to find someone from within our ranks to have a look at this.  I have already had a look but you have to dig very deep and it is like a black art!  Alistair has looked into this and has some information on the matter.

With these objectives in mind, I have a programme detailing the events I mentioned through to an outing in October.  Please take one as you leave.

Included is a Bowls morning at the Risbygate Club, our Summer lunch at the Cricket Club, Summer Solstice All day Bring your own Barbeque at the Chairman's home,  A Day at the Cricket - match v Mildenhall with lunch and tea and an outing to Waldringfield with lunch and a boat trip on the River Deben in October.  Seals and wild life in plenty.

For the Summer break we could have a look at a tasting event at the Casa Tapas Restaurant in Risbygate Street and maybe a golf day at The Suffolk in Fornham.

As I said earlier, Ladies, Guests, neighbours and past members welcome.

Finally I would like to request that the Committee will hold a short meeting after this AGM.  This to decide upon the format and frequency that we think we shall need in accordance with past practice.

I am looking forward to my year in office so thank you all once again.

There being no items for Any Other Business the meeting closed.