Airedale Solutions

Airedale Solutions

I provide free web site design and implementation for 'Not for profit' organisations. You may be a charity, society or club who would like a professional looking web site but may not have the time, money or resources to create one. You may also be concerned about how or who is to keep the site up to date both with information about your organisation and to ensure that it takes advantage of the latest web features and technology.

I recognised this problem a few years ago so set out to create web sites that are quick to develop, easy to maintain and most importantly enables each organisation to update the web site with the minimum of training and computer skills. So far over 250 organisations have signed up; all have been delighted with their sites. So please take a couple of minutes to look through this site and see what I can do for you.

Kevin McCarthy

I've been working away on lots of web sites which has stopped me from updating my home site. But never fear, it's back on line again!