Airedale Solutions

Many The Arts Society Societies do not have a web site and may not have the resources, skills, time or money to be able to create one. Some societies may already have a web site but are finding it difficult to keep it up to date. And some societies' web sites may now be a little dated or do not contain features that you want.

Working in conjunction with societies in East Surrey, I have therefore created a solutions package that enables a society to create its own web site quickly and easily without the need for IT or web knowledge or skills. To get you going I provide a design pack which explains clearly the information you need to collect. You also configure your web site with different colours, fonts, photos and content to provide a unique look to the site and reflect the image of your society. I populate your site with this data and you are then up and running - it could be in a matter of hours. On-going updating of the site with information such as lectures and visits is simple, quick and can be performed by anyone with basic data input experience. No need for you to rely on external expertise or technical skills in future!

I also provide web sites for The Arts Society areas. These incorporate Google maps and other functionality to enable you to provide information about all of the societies in your area. And the standard software is provided for free for both societies and areas. I make a small annual charge to cover the costs of domain name, server hosting and other expenses. If you like what you see and want some more information then send me an e-mail.