The Bosham Monday Club
And Bosham Minibus

What we do

Bosham Monday Club is a social club for older people living independently in the village of Bosham in West Sussex and the immediate neighbourhood. It also owns and operates a community minibus to serve the residents, as well as provide transport to and from Monday Club events.

The Bosham Monday Club was founded in July 1966 and was registered as a Charity (reference 249146) in 1968. It began as a social club and it has continued to meet ever since. Subsequently, in 1969, a minibus was purchased primarily to transport the Bosham Old Timers, an entertainment group who were members of the club at that time. Today, the minibus transports members to and from the social club and also serves the wider community in Bosham.

The Social Club

Our main activity is a regular weekly meeting in St Nicholas Hall, Brooks Lane in Bosham. These meetings are held (as our name suggests) on Mondays between 2pm and 4pm. The Club operates throughout the year with breaks at Christmas and New Year, at Easter and during August.

For more information and a calendar, see the Social Club page

Bosham Minibus

During the course of any week, the Bosham Minibus provides support to the Bosham community. On Monday afternoon, it picks up and takes home members of the Monday Club; on Thursday mornings, it takes those who need transport to the local Co-op, Fridays similarly to Tesco and, on a Sunday, it takes people to Church.

For more information and a calendar of regular trips, see the Bosham Minibus page.

Organisation & Finance

The Bosham Monday Club is a Charity managed by four trustees. The Social Club and the Bosham Minibus are each run by a small committee. All of those involved are volunteers. It is funded by modest contributions from its users, by grants from local authorities, some fund-raising events, and donations.

For Trustees, Committee members and their responsibilities, see the Management and Committee page.

More details on finance and our fund-raising are on the Finance & Appeals page.

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